Top 5 Guns for 2014

By Captain Ron Aledo, US Army (Ret), Guns of recommends here the Top five guns for 2014. The most important factor in our recommendations is value for your money. In this sense we have selected those handguns that provide the most quality for an average budget. While the classic revolver continues to be the first choice for home-defense for their simplicity and reliability, mostly at 200am after the broken window and when the bad guy is in your living room, Guns will analyze here the best options in semi-automatic pistols for conceal carry and duty weapon. The top semi-auto pistols in the market offer almost the same reliability of the classic 357. magnum revolver with all the advantages of modern technology. Taking in consideration key factors in a street self-defense situation as simplicity to use, power, reliability and also based on thousands of well- informed and expert opinions, Law Enforcement professionals ’s feedback and years of experience, have the following top recommendations for 2014.

1. S&W M&P 9mm. This is a very good solid gun, perhaps the best from S&W and it comes in both compact and full size frames. The poly framed version is as accurate as a steel framed one. The trigger pull in this gun is easy at 6 pounds with quick follow-up shots. The 9 mm version is preferred as the ammo shortage might continue for some time within 2014. It comes in a more advance Pro version for about $50 dollar more and it has excellent grip. The compact size is a very popular choice for conceal carry and the full size is a favorite for Law Enforcement duty.

2. Sig Sauer P226: While not a cheap gun, this is one of the favorites choices of Law Enforcement professionals in the country. This full-sized, service oriented gun gives you high capacity, and reliability proven by the many Law Enforcement professionals that use and request it. This is a very solid gun with a low jamming ratio and used by hundreds of Law Enforcement organizations worldwide. The Sig Sauer P226 is perhaps the best option for home self-defense on the market.

3. Springfield XD9: This is another service weapon that has great reputation among law enforcement professionals. With a 4 inch barrel the XD9 is shorter that many other service pistols. With no thumb safety this gun has an extra point on reliability. The XD9 is very durable and feels very good with very few malfunctions rate and is also available in .40 cal.

4. Taurus 24/7 G2: This is a very solid medium size gun with low jamming ratio with an ambidextrous thumb safety. This gun has many of good features of the also very solid 809 9mm pistol. The 24/7 G2 has excellent fit and finish and comes with three interchangeable backstraps. While the 24/7 G2 is striker fired it will work like a DA/SA. Due to its mid size the 24/7 G2 is a good choice for both conceal carry and duty weapon.

5. Glock 19 – While Glock reputation have been suffering in the recent years we must still include this one among the best options as in more gun for your money. There have been some bad press about misfirings and Law Enforcement professionals told Gunsof that they are beginning to mistrust Glock's reliability (some Michigan Police Officers simply don't want anything to do with Glock and Beverly Hills PD banned all Glocks for their officers); nevertheless when we see what you get for your money, this is still a good option. The best Glock for concealed carry is the Glock 19 at 9mm with 15 rounds in the standard magazine. Glock 19 has a very good fit and balance and is not too small which increases its accuracy and makes recoil manageable. Like all Glocks the 19 is reliable within its limits, reasonably powerful at 9mm, accurate and very easy to shoot.

6. BONUS Gun: Still not available in the US market keep an eye for the F-1 Americana .40 semi automatic pistol. This one will be available in late 2014 with all the pros and add on that Law Enforcement professionals love in their gun. This is going to be a full size duty weapon that will deliver simplicity, power and reliability at its best for a moderate budget. Soon to come!