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Guns of Virginia began in 2013 as FFL in Alexandria Virginia and now distributes state of the art intelligence technology for Law Enforcement agencies all around the U.S.A.

Mr. Ron Aledo is the manager director of Guns of Virginia LLC. With over 20 years of experience in intelligence, military affairs and Law Enforcement, Mr. Aledo is able to provide the best technology to America´s Top Law Enforcement professionals and talk to them in their own ¨language¨.

Mr. Aledo´s commitment is to provide the best technology at the best price  to Law Enforcement professionals in order to enable the best  intelligence and criminal investigations: organized crime, illegals guns, drugs, pedophiles, terrorists and all kind of criminals can run but cannot hide from Law Enforcement Agencies equipped with the best CRIMIT technology. 

Guns of Virginia LLC is your patriotic and proven Law Enforcement technology provider!

Mr. Aledo is a retired U.S Army officer who served several times in Afghanistan and other overseas duty stations. Mr. Aledo is a Service Disabled Veteran with a  Federal Top Secret clearance. He also served as civilian in the F.B.I, Washington Field Office (WFO), as intelligence analyst (ctr.) for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and as  Operations Officer in the Joint Staff, the Pentagon.  Mr. Aledo also spent one year serving as senior intelligence advisor for the Afghan National Police in Kabul, Afghanistan.