Who is the person behind a profile?

How to know more information about it?

What are the relationships between targets-suspects?

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How to identify critical items and message in the Network?​

What communities are involved?

Who are the targets of a potencial investigation?

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What kind of security risks and leads to Criminal Investigations are available in Social Networks?

Social Networks AND Open Source INTELLIGENCE:

Turn risks AND challenges into security and Law Enforcement opportunities

With Social Networks it is easy and possible to reach a huge amount of people.  It should be used to communicate ideas and experiences, but Social Network´s anonymity  might generate security breaches and an opportunity to  terrorist groups, criminal organizations, and even to common lone criminals.


How to include open sources into your analysis and criminal investigation process?

How to download information without being detected?

How to obtain information from deep web?

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Terrorism, anti-system groups, drugs,  illegal weapons, violent movements and actually all kind of leads and even confessions for any kind of criminal activity is available in Social Networks .

Guns of Virginia LLC offers an exclusive OSINT suite of products and software tools to Law Enforcement professionals and Criminal Intelligence analysts that allows  crime and terrorism fighting in a digital environment. Our analysis tools will improve your criminal investigations, provide you leads and allow you to search the deep web for traffickers and pedophiles.

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